The Commonplacer

Welcome to the Commonplacer project.


The Commonplacer is a web-based tool that allows you to edit, adapt, and rewrite texts to create your own editions. The Commonplacer takes its name from the practice of commonplacing, which was a way of both making and reading books in the early modern period. Readers would extract passages or key phrases from books and write them down in their own commonplace books, often organised under headings, as a record for future use.


These instructions will help you to access and use the features of the Commonplacer. The PDF includes instructions on how to create editions, how to add line numbers, glosses and notes, how to add comments, how to style your editions, and how to make your editions private or public.


The Commonplacer allows you to create your own editions of texts. It is designed to work in conjunction with Verse Miscellanies Online a critical edition of early modern poetry anthologies, which are themselves the work of editors and compilers. The Commonplacer will allow you to follow in the footsteps of these early modern editors to compile and edit your own anthologies, and so create your own Paradise of Dainty Devices. It can also be used independently from Verse Miscellanies Online.


The Commonplacer allows you to create virtual classrooms. You can enrol participants in classrooms from a list of registered users. The classroom can be kept in the private domain or made public, and the classroom leader can comment on the editions created by participants. This tool is designed to facilitate the use of Verse Miscellanies Online in the classroom or reading group, although it can also be used with other electronic texts.