The Commonplacer is a web-based tool that allows you to edit, adapt, and rewrite texts to create your own editions. It is designed to work in conjunction with the search tools available on the Verse Miscellanies Online website and allows you to search for text via various criteria, and to cut and paste text into your own workspace, where you can edit texts.

One of the aims of the tool is to encourage critical reflection on the process of editing as you create your own editions. The Commonplacer take its name from the practice of commonplacing, which was a way of bot making and reading books in the early modern period. Readers would extrac passages or key phrases from books and write them down in their ow commonplace books, often organised under headings, as a record for future use.

The Commonplacer aims to draw attention to editing as an interpretive practice, as a means of not just making but also using and interpreting books, and to the malleability of the text, which can be enhanced through the digital medium.